You Can't Organize Clutter

Many people keep hoping the next set of containers, shelves, cabinets, a storage unit or a bigger home will make them feel more organized. It rarely works unless decluttering happens first. 

Kick Your Clutter is dedicated to a compassionate, individualized decluttering process. Together, we will follow a clear step-by-step decluttering process so you can continue on your own, or I can work along with you every step of the way throughout your home.

We help you set Goals Based in Reality

TV shows, Social Media and Pinterest Boards create a vision of perfection. Most of what you see there is staged and unrealistic. Real life has things like dust, daily use, pets and people actually living in the space. Let's get you a functional peaceful space first. Do you want to spend less time looking for things? Do you want to feel like you're free to pursue hobbies and activities you love? Do you want to panic less when someone knocks on the door? Entertain more? We will look at what YOU want from your home and help you get there!

Ready to free yourself of excess in your home and find the space in your life to be the best version of yourself? 

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