Before and Afters:

All-purpose Closet

“I keep admiring my tidy cupboard! Going through this process gave me a new way to look at organization of my space. It wasn’t just about decluttering - but Kristi's prompts of ‘where would you look for this first?’ were so helpful in ensuring I gave thought to where things should go. Having Kristi on hand patiently keeping me on task was also great as it's so easy to jump tasks when you're sorting through your stuff.” – Trish D.

Storage Struggles

The only dedicated storage room in this home is an under-stair storage space. It has to hold all their tent camping supplies and luggage. 

We decluttered first. This required pulling it all out due to the tight space. We removed and donated the large bin, put all sleeping bags and thermarests into bags, and put it all back in just under an hour.  The space is now easily accessible, and has room for other items to be stored if needed. 

Craft Cupboard 

"Incredibly helpful to have someone keeping me on track, to suggest organizational options, and to guide me to the appropriate process for dealing with unusual and unexpected items (old license plate, electrical tape...)." - CW

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