Initial phone or video consult: Free! (See  Contact page)

Limited-time introductory offer for all services: $50/hour. 

Services are available either virtually or in-person, depending on distance and preference. 

Local travel (up to 20km one way) is included with a three hour minimum in-person visit. 

Basic Decluttering:

Pantry, garage, kitchen, closet, playroom, craft room, or just about any other space you can think of. Almost everyone has a space that could use some decluttering. Having a third party involved can be very motivating. 

I'm trained to help address things like 'identity' clutter (but I used to...) or 'fantasy' clutter (I really thought I would...) and to help you make the number of things in your home fit your space and your lifestyle. 


The most common thing is that once the decluttering has happened, the organization follows naturally. If you want to add specific systems, we can look at what your natural tendencies are and come up with organization that works for you within your budget. Despite what some TV shows or Pinterest might tell you, it isn't one size fits all. 


Are you moving to a smaller home in the near future? Make the transition easier by reducing your inventory before you pack. 

Moving prep:

If you'll be listing your home, getting rid of excess items can make your home appear bigger and allow buyers to see its full potential. Bonus - you don't need to put the effort into packing up more than you really need! 

Paper Management:

We are in a more digital age, yet paper still makes it into our homes. I can help you create a system that prevents the piles from accumulating and ensures you don't misplace the important things.

Merging households:

Bringing two households into one is exciting, and it comes with some adjustments for everyone. Ending up with two of everything doesn't usually make sense. Let me help you to determine what to keep. Before the move is great, but it's never too late.  


You know better than anyone where you could use some help with decluttering. I'm happy to chat with you to see how I can assist.

Ready to free yourself of excess in your home and find the space in your life to be the best version of yourself? 

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